Kyle Leon Scam – Reduction of sensory stimuli

Reduction of sensory stimuli
Reduction of sensory stimuli – One of the important factors is not easy to enter the static external stimuli harassment.

The ancients called the “closing of ranks”. In fact, through observations showed EEG, just close your eyes to remove visual is decreased by 50% from external stimuli. Therefore, should blindly meditation (eyes half-closed just to make sure there is no muscle tension in the face) Visit URL:
Soft Stretch muscles – Today, scientists know very well the interaction between the two factors nerves and muscles when nervous tension, tone muscles and increase. Conversely, if the conditioning tone muscles relax at the nerve will also be stable. We easily see this when observing an angry person.

When angry, stand up ribbed collar, tense muscles, and clenched fists. That’s when the nervous tension. In contrast, look at a person sitting on a sleeping car.


At the moment this is nerve asleep relax the mind no longer recognized what specific concepts; muscle relaxation and the software should aside easily. So, in the meditation process, the software actively stretch muscles will accelerate the process of relaxation, static import  Visit URL:

In fact, just interested in relaxing facial muscles and the soft hands is enough. This is based on the face and hands are in the mirror, the point corresponding to the entire body therefore, if the face is relaxed and your hands will be full body relaxation.


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