Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Better way to consume

The fit oregano soy is flavones are composed with structure chemically similar to the hormone estrogen in mammals with Customized fat loss info by Kyle Leon

 In soybeans, is flavones are in its inactive form and is activated only after its digestion, forming bioactive compounds with estrogenic and anti estrogenic activity, and act as antioxidants full version

“What better way to consume? Soy can be consumed various ways in our food.
Jobs believe is the best fit of tofu or miss, and finally grain. “The idea is to consume fermented soy, like tofu.
Fermentation neutralizes toxins in soybeans However, daily use should be avoided so as not to overload the body,” says nutritionist functional Carolina Backed.

Endocrinologist The Tell Daniela Fernandez believes that soy can be consumed as option vegetable protein, in the amount of up to six tablespoons per week – alternating with other protein sources such as beans and lentils, and never as the sole source of protein, especially for vegetarians and children with lactose intolerance.
Alessandra Rodriguez teaches that soy can be included in main meals and also in the interim, noting that “moderation is the key to everything.” Visit Link:

She gives some tips for using the food: add soy lecithin to yogurt in the morning, using the grain quinoa salad, the vinaigrette, add tofu in sandwiches and salads; substitute regular milk for soy in the preparation of vitamins, and enrich the conventional beans or rice. The product can be part of the main menu, based on recipes textured soy protein, such as meatball, kebab or soy burger with Customized fat loss reviews by Kyle Leon


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